Inflatable Nativity Scene 0

There is no bigger or fonder scene than that of the Nativity. Signifying the birth of Jesus Christ and celebrated throughout the land every year at Christmas. This scene has been made over and reenacted hundreds of millions of times from past to present. From actual live displays to little terra cotta figurines and now you can have an inflatable nativity scene as a proud part of your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Airblown Inflatable 9 Ft Tall Nativity Scene
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If you are one of those types of people that decorate for Christmas every year, you probably feel like you never stop adding something new to make it a little bit bigger and a whole lot better. You probably have thoughts dancing around in your head from last years Christmas display on what you could’ve done a little differently. If you’ve never done something with an outdoor nativity before because you always thought those big plastic yard figures looked a little cheezy and cheap looking, so did I. But I don’t think you’ll feel that way about one of these great Nativity inflatables.

These make great focal points in a Christmas display and are all fairly well lit. However, you might want to think about adding a few accent lights especially on the one with the animals alongside to really enhance the whole motif a bit better. This will help to bring out the sheep and the donkey instead of having them slowly fade into the night.

To me, there is no better way to remember what the Christmas season is all about, the birth of Jesus Christ, than to setup a nativity scene somewhere around the house.